Sunday, April 04, 2010

Punish Kids Here

On my list of task to take on this Easter Sunday is my lawn. The grass honestly should have been mowed over a week ago. Where are all my friends with rotten kids? I mean isn't that what you should do when you realize that your child has been say growing pot on the roof is tell them to call their old Aunt Fern and see what she has for them to do? Isn't that what kids are for is to send them out as punishment to help out the single or old people you know.
Isn't there some rule about duty to serve or something? My God Sister did offer to send her brute of 4 ( 3 boys, 1 girl) up here to help me out but I some how thought sending them 220 miles to do yard work was a bit much and do you have any idea what it would cost me to feed 3 teenage boys working in my yard. OMG I don't make that much in a week.
Not being a parent I don't get the whole punishment rules. However I was punished as a child no really epic punishment as I was not an epic rule breaker until I got to college and that punshment would have been jail time. Sever punishment for me was not letting me watch The Dukes Of Hazard. Little did I know then that my parents were doing me a favor. Have you gone back and looked at that show? It is just not one of those timeless shows.
So when your children are bad and need some form a punishment I ask you to think of your neighbors the single lady the works to much, the older couple on a fixed income and send your rotten kids there to knock and their door and say what can I do to help you? I am being punished I will work for free.

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