Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mail box

I have a friend who I have been exchanging letters with on a regular basis. I was expecting one from him today but it didn’t come so I was quite disappointed. I am always excited to check the mail box as the time for his letters to arrive approaches. I have the timing about down for when I send it to when I should be getting one back. He is a dear friend and we talk about our day and our failings. I love getting mail that is not crap or bills. Who doesn’t?

I once had a friend that bet me I could not find him. I sent him a card with a note and all it said was “I told you I would find you.” And I didn’t sign it. He thought it was a stalker. Technically I was stalking him so maybe writing is not such a good thing. It was long after we stopped talking that it hit me that it was this letter that scared the hell out of him and made him feel threatened. He had a blog that was well one of those raging political things. So hate mail in his E-mail inbox was common.

But I digress back to letters. Real mail is exciting. I had done that swap bot thing for a while and enjoyed doing it. But the work some of the projects took I couldn’t finish what I had promised I would. I am awful.

Who would you write?

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