Sunday, October 28, 2007


I am always in a never ending state of reflection and when I am in my deepest state of it seems to be when I find the need to blog about it. I have been thinking about each one of you in the last few days and all the wonder you have brought into my life. I am lucky to have had great friends come into my life some are still here some have moved on.
I recently had to ask someone to leave my life. It was a hard thing for me to do. I said goodbye and am moving on. I am feeling this lose rather deeply and I am taking it rather personally. Because that is what I do. I feel deeply and take my friendships very personally. But it was necessary.
It does make me want to be back in touch with friends I have not spoken to in a while. Their numbers jotted down on scraps of paper that never seem to get into my phone. I lose track of the numbers and when I come across them while cleaning or working on my resume I say I need to put her number in my phone and put it someplace I wont lose it and well I have lost it again.
Well, name giver I think of you often. Even though I don't call. I think of all of you who have left your mark on my life. I have learned so much from what you brought to my life. People you meet just briefly. That random blog you come across. Even the person I have just in the last few weeks asked to leave has left a wonderful mark on me. Helping shape me into a new and better person. The joys and sorrows are all worth it. Thank you for being my teachers each of you. You are the wonderful reflections in my life.