Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So life has been busy. I am still working at Domino's. But then I have had my resignation letter written for over 2 years. Am hoping way to much here? I wonder if this is not like when I was a kid and I told Santa I wanted half the toy section of the Sears catalog. I didn't get it. Damn that elf. The State is slow.

I have officially paid off my car and I have the title. Last Saturday when I was delivering pizzas as the tornado sirens were going off and the wind and rain was blowing. I knew that was going to be it. I knew that would be when a tree would fall on my paid off car. Then the hail started and the house I was delivering at asked me in out of the rain and then thanked me tipped me and sent me back out to die.

But I didn't die because I am writing a new blog unless well I am a ghost booooo.
Are you scared?

So I now have to come up with a game plan so what is next for me. Next I have been so busy thinking about what I need now next has been nothing but far off dreams.

Though in big news I am going on a cruise with my paranormal group in October. That is 5 days with meals for $340. CAN YOU SAY WHOLLY SHIT!!

There is your quick up date.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have spent the last week or so working on a blog about Domestic Violence I have been extremely stirred about the recent news with Chris Brown and Rihanna. I did some research and made phone calls, talked to someone at The National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-SAFE). I had statics 1 in 4 women, 1 in 9 men. Asked lots of questions and then as they listed the things that fit in with what is Domestic Violence.

I had to come to terms with my own experience with it which I am still doing and to a large extent, I had never really thought of what had happened as an act of Domestic Violence. As I was telling a friend about it I was still making excuses for him, as if it mattered, he said “uh huh”. That bothered me. It bothered me that I was still after all this time making excuses for his behavior that night. I am not yet in a place where I can share what happened that night here. I don’t know that I ever will be.

I do know that I am going to post more on this topic. The main fact is NO WOMAN OR MAN should have to put up with being treated as less than.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lies My Mother taught me

Parents like to brag I teach little Jimmy to tell the truth. YA right up till he tells the Diet Tribe that you are part of that you all had lunch at Baskin Robbins today.

I was taught not to lie. One Sunday Daddy missed Church and Mr. and Mrs. Evans two of the Church Elders turned and asked me where my Daddy was (Mom was singing in the Choir)and I with the innocence of my 6 or 7 years told them that my Daddy had had to much to drink last night and stayed home. I remember Mr. Evans' eyes getting wide and him saying "OH" and turning back around in the pew. After Church I told Momma what I had said and she had her first of many mini strokes right there in the car in the church parking lot. " YOU SAID WHAT!?!!?! You're Father ate something that made him sick!" Oh she was pissed. But I had heard her helping him up the stairs that night and them "talking" that morning. Yes Daddy was sick its called a hangover. So I was not tell those kind of things? Ya know LIE.

I was in high school and had gotten suspended over something stupid. I yelled at Mrs. Brasher. She sent me to the office and Mrs. Johnson the Principal suspended me. She asked me " Fran, What is your Mother going to do to you?" I told her "She is going to beat the shit out of me." How many times had that woman told me if I did not straighten up she was going to beat the fire out of me? She had made the threat on numerous occasions. Again this was one was those times my Mother had a mini stroke she was in tears when I picked her up from work. Mrs. Johnson had called her and asked to please not beat me. Well if you don't want me to tell people that you are going to beat me then maybe you should mot tell me to shut my mouth or you will shut it for me.

So I learned from my mother that you don't tell the whole truth which is different from what I was taught because you don't tell the Church Elders that your Dad is home hungover. It is also wrong tell your mother that you are going to the mall and then go and drive thru the parking lot and leave. Well I was at the mall. Why are you mad. I went to the mall I just didn't stay. I didn't lie did I ?

So when you tell your children YOU TOLD HER WHAT? Remember one day they are going to use this whole not tell you the whole truth thing back on you and well just remember Dad had to much to drink last night. My Mother is still pissed about that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What did you read?

I saw this in a window of a closed shop while we were in Mobile, Al for Mardi Gras. When you first read the T-shirt what was your first thought? When you read “I Read Dead People.” Who did you think of or what? If I told you it was a book store mixed amongst a bunch of funky little shops then what would you think of it?

When I first saw this T-shirt I thought of my friend Donna who communicates with the dead. Thus “I read dead people.” It was my first thought, The metaphysical then paranormal.

Then later as I drove back to Nashville I am not sure if you would call it an AHHHH moment or a DUH moment I thought of Steph and her being an English Major and then said “I READ DEAD PEOPLE.” I felt like a dumb ass. The thoughts were you moron dead as in Tolstoy, Shakespeare. Literature! It was a BOOK STORE WITH BOOKS
I am such a dork.

Monday, March 09, 2009

America's Manliest City

I live in America's Manliest City Nashville, TN. It means that we have lots of Hardware Stores and Truck Rallies and men who hunt. I have dated some of these men and I don't want them. They are pigs. Someone over at Asylum is all pissy because New York didn't get the title and is whinning how country music is not manly well hell dumb ass why don't you bring your little prissy ass down here and shot and clean a deer. Not that I want to do that myself I will just eat it.But yea come on come kill your dinner.

It seems that all the cities that came in behind Nashville are a little miffed too. Because we have men that fart and scratch their balls in public. I know the idea of having more monster truck rallies has me wanting to run down there and catch me a husband because I love me some monster truck rallies just as much as I love Republicans and the whole truck rally thing is not something I have tried yet.

It was freakin COMBOS people now those I love. But the pizza ones not the cracker Cheddar ones. But I am off topic it was not like it was Budwiser that said it. Nor was it the ever manly makers shot gun shells. Not even Jack Daniels. It was a snack food and not a very popular one at that. But still all you loser cities can stick it.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Beads add Ten pounds +

Who the hell is that woman with all those beads and that turkey neck? Yes that is three prades worth of beads but how many cookies and plates of pasta is that? OMG !?!?! Why don't I have friends with small kids I can give some of those too and annoy their parents? Or a BF I can make earn them?

Friday, March 06, 2009

Self vs. Higher Self

I was there. I was caught up I was saying to myself.

Self: you are all caught up you could quit that second job and just relax until everything comes through you'll be OK.

Higher Self: look here you should wait till the money is in the bank. You know that is the smart thing to do. You know that as soon as you think you're in the clear something happens.

Self: Well of course it is the smart thing to do. And of course something happens it always does. It is like coming home from school early and having sex in your parents bed only for them to pull in the drive way. ( Higher Self rolling eyes) < lots of whinning here > But I want to quit my other job. < stomping feet>

Higher Self: Look here it is really not going to be that much longer. Stop whining. Your friends are really sick of hearing you whine about it. Besides something has happened

Self: How the Hell can they be sick of hearing me whine when I have no friends left because I am always working. What do you mean something has happened? Did I get my check from the IRS?

Higher Self: Yes you got it.

Self: Yes I need that for.....(checking account) wait a freakin minute Well thanks a lot!! You are supposed to cheer me up.

Higher Self: I was trying.

Self: UGH!!

Higher Self: Still you got that good news you have those contracts and have signed them and turned them in so its a matter of time

I can't win.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

I had never heard of IBC. Have you? I checked it out on snoopes. Then here http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/sites-types/ibc . I ask that if you have a bigger blog roll than me or lots and lots of Girl Friends that you pass this on to them.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What is this thing called a snow blower?

All these people write blogs about about having to drag out the snow blower and blow the side walk and driveway or they'll get a ticket. Which is a shock to me they write you tickets for snow in our driveway? How totally absurd. In the south they will write you a ticket for blowing snow in your drive way but I don't write that kind of blog.

Monday, March 02, 2009


Here is the bunny I promised you all. I know I said you all were going to get this happy bunny post but hell didn't any of you people see that happy bunny love story Fatal Attraction? But I swear this is not going to be that bad.

I have great news I got my lap top back what does this mean you ask. It means that I can post from my living room in front of the TV or better yet like I am now from my bed, because I can't sleep. It also means I can download pictures and I can add pics to my facebook page. I know this is the news you have been waiting to hear from me. Now you are saying WOW my days will be so much better now that The Goddess has her lap top back.

There are many other pluses to this. I can work from home a few days a month. Or better yet a nice local coffee house. I can travel to another city and do work there too. Mwahahaha

It is also going to much easier to plot world domination from my lap top. But it is just after 1 AM here and if I don't get some sleep I will be way behind schedule in world domination so I am going to need minions.