Thursday, May 24, 2007

Liquid Gold

I swear I was so glad to have that big old drink of OJ this morning. I don't think Orange Juice has ever tasted so good in all my life. I lost a total of ten pounds. Yeah me. I made it as far as lunch and was feeling light headed and felt a head ache coming on so I went and got a bowl of soup and have had to spend the rest of the day trying to stop myself from making up for the ten days I went with out food. I gained a lot from the whole fast emotionally and mentally.
I did decide that if I can get up at 4am to drink warm salt water I can get up at 4am to walk and then eventually to run. I am going to get into shape and be fit again.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Master Cleanse Day 9

The only thing that stoped me from eating today is the fact that I am on day Nine and tomorrow is my last day. That's it. Nothing else. I am sick of salt water and the lemon aid. I am just going to get through tomorrow so that I can call it over with.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Rainbow in My Clounds

Tonight on the 8th day of my Master Cleanse my mother and I went to see Dr. Maya Angelou. She is such a vivid presents. To say that she stirred my soul would be an understatement. The thing I think that I most carried away with me was her story of the Rainbow in her Clouds. She spoke of her Uncle Willy and how when she was young he would hold by his one good hand by the wood stove and make her do her times tables. In part making her who she is today having a positive effect on her life. Instilling the importance of knowledge in her. Upon his death she meet several people who her uncle had done the same thing for The Mayor of Little Rock and a Lawyer who was also a State Representative. Her point was that there are people in your life if they come in quickly or stay for awhile. But they are the bright spots in your life the glimmer of light. When I think of all the Rainbows I have had in my Clouds I think of all of you how each and everyone of you have brought light and joy to me . I love you all. Each one of you for what you have brought into my life and the lessons I have learn as a result. May you know who the Rainbows in your Clouds are thank you for being mine.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Master Cleanse Day 7

I am over this whole thing. I am tired of not eating. It is not that I am hungry the lemon drink is really helping but it is just the lack of variety I have had the same stuff every day for 7 days it has gotten old. I also don't think I am drinking as much of the Lemon Aid I should but I am just tired of it.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Master Cleanse Day 6

It is getting easier each day. I had to train a new staff for a few hours this morning and then headed back to Home Depot to pick up chain for my hanging baskets. Hit a yard sale on he way home and found this great little oak dresser that I am going to use in the foyer. I made it home and spent 3 hours working in the yard pulling weeds. I have plenty of energy. Though I have not been drinking the lemon aid like I should.
I am a big time sufferer of migraines I get them about once a month. They are often very debilitating leaving me in a dark room with a cold compress over my head and no sound anywhere because my hair hurts. Caffeine , stress, and missing a meal can be some of my main triggers I have not had one head ache. When thinking about doing the Cleanse one of my big questions for myself was could I complete the Cleanse without eating and without a head ache. Well I can safely tell anyone with the question about migraines that I was able to do it without one. I think the next 4 days will be easy as pie. ( ha ha I said pie, hot apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream yea).

Tomorrow though I am back in the yard.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Master Cleanse Day 5

Half way home. This is the official half way mark. Today was easy. I got hungry and my stomach would start to growl I would drink the Lemon Aid.

I did go to Home Depot this morning and bought two hanging baskets. Don't ask me what they are they are pretty and need lots of sun which the front of my house gets plenty of in the afternoon. The hooks on the porch are two small so I will need to go back and buy some chain to hang them with I also picked up a large FERN <> though I am not sure where around the front of the house I am going to place it. I have a lot of work to do in the front of the house to get the weeds out of my flower beds.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Master Cleanse Day 4

Today was tough. I did get down the salt water this morning, that was the easy part. I had some light headedness today and I was thinking OK if this does not clear up I will have to eat. But it passed.
My big problem is that I have been thinking about food all day. It does not help that my second job is delivering pizza and I have to see and look at food all night. I have also been thinking all day that this time next week I can eat my soup and then I am thinking of all the things I can chow down on when I am finished with the Cleanse. As unhealthy as it is a big huge cheese burger from Fat Mo's is high on my list then so is a salad the size of my head with Romain, spinach, red , green , yellow peppers, portabella mushrooms,white mushrooms, almonds, crasians and a little feta cheese. SO MAYBE I should stop thinking about food and I can make it through this.
I am going to read through my "Fields of Greens" Vegetarian Cookbook and plan my soup. I suppose a good thing about my thinking about food is I am also thinking how I can make changes in the way I am eating to be and live healthier than I have been in the last year. I have placed myself in a really bad place with my life style I am eating in the drive thru way to much I hope that with this I can learn that lesson and maintain it.
A plus is I don't feel weak and I have energy. As much as I do any other week. I am hungry and my stomach is growling

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Master Cleanse Day 3

The Lemon Aid is still helping with the little pangs of hunger. It does not help with the oral cravings to put stuff in your mouth. I am having to fight that battle alone. I LOVE to eat. I find great pleasure in food the taste, the smells , the company weather it be alone or with a group of people. The salt water is still the hardest part to get down. Especially when the cramps kick in and I am still trying to get the rest of it down. Though they don't last long. I am getting up at 4A.M. to get it down and let work its magic so it does not cut into work.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Master Cleasnse Day 2

Well I am a tiny bit hungry but the lemon aid drink really helps with that. I think I have it down so that I am not using to much cayenne pepper and can drink it.
This morning I waited a while to get going on the salt water flush because I was cramping. Once it settled down I got most of it down.
I have noticed food and lots of it- on T.V. that I normally would not pay much attention too. It all looks sooooooo good. I have some left over mac and cheese in the fridge that is just calling my name. But I will clean out the fridge tomorrow and there will not be anything in there but lemons to catch my eye. I should have thought of this before hand. But hind sight is 20/20.
I have some friends and people I know telling me I am crazy for doing a ten day fast. Jon thinks I am going to die. My Mother thinks I am going to mess up my electrolytes. But I am fine so far doing great.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Master Cleanse

I started the Master Cleanse this morning. Its is a ten day fast. Me ten days without food. Be glad that you don't live near me. So far the hardest thing for me has been the internal salt water flush that is hard. It's like someone else said it is like taking a drink out of the ocean. Though I will tell you it is the events after drinking the water that is the most unpleasant.

OK it's 3:35 pm and going with out food has been hard so far and it is only the first day. I am hungry but the lemon drink is helping somewhat. I hate lemon water but you are supposed to add maple syrup and cayenne pepper to it so it is bearable.
I will keep you all posted.
(I still don't have that whole link thing down yet if you want it drop me a line and I will send it to you) .