Friday, January 30, 2009


It happened not 10 minutes ago. We got the Initial License from the State!!! ONE JOB HERE I COME!!! I want to cry I am so happy. I have been waiting and working on this for over 2 years. And it is Finally here. OK there are a few more forms with the State to sign but there is a BRIGHT LIGHT at the end of the tunnel and I have hope. This all sucks by the fact that I am working all weekend delivering pizza. But this is the last SUPER BOWL weekend I deliver pizza.

I am not going to walk in and quit tonight though I want to. I am going to wait till the money is in the bank but who wants to help me plan a party?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Which Door?

If you could pay your bills and then had money left over what would you do? And I mean send each of the people you owe money to what you owe them and not send enough to each to keep them from shutting off the cable or the lights. But go OH I owe NES 73.25 and send them 73.25 and when you were done there was money there to say I don't know buy a ticket to Jamaica with.

Or do you reach a point where you go humm screw Discover I already owe them a bazillion dollars.

So I am faced with this well issue. To do something wise or be say we STUPID. The fact is stupid can be fun. I have had lots of fun doing stupid things. Though when you are caught and sitting in the Principal's office your like "oops." And you have to weigh if doing this stupid thing is worth the backlash.

But then there is this part of you that really wants to rationalize what your are thinking as not stupid.

I am about 95% sure I am getting some form of a tax return.

So do I buy a new computer with a CD Burner and the ability to download and store sound bites and do power point and other fun stuff.


Do I pay Discover. I mean my credit is shot to hell so it is not going to get worse I can pay them later. Right?

This is what is going on in my head. Discover vs. Computer.

I know I don't have to have a computer. I can take my tax return and pay off a good hunk of Discover but I can also say the reverse. One is wise the other well not so smart But I don't claim to be a rocket scientist.

But as a rule of thumb for me if I make plans for my money say to pay a big hunk off a bill with money coming in. Something big will happen and I will have to say buy a new hot water heater or something like that.

Maybe it would be best to wait until I have the money or maybe I could get it all in ones and find a stripper and shove it in his G-String one bill at a time. If I did it that way who would want to come?

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I have nothing. I am not filled at all with a sudden burst of inspiration. I can normally sit down and start talking about how I have nothing to say and a page will flow out. I can welcome my friend Mel to the bloggy world. HELLO MEL.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flash Back

Here we are. Kim Murray Fitzwater, ME , and Holly Yarborough Whitehurst. When we met for lunch yesterday it had been 21 years since we had seen each other. These are people from high school. That place we all hated to be. Kim and Holly are both married with kids. Holly is still funny as hell. For that matter so is Kim. We talked about how angry we were then. Mad at the world. Who was where. Who had died. Who we had seen and who we hadn't. As we went through the list I was shocked that I had kept track of a lot of people. I knew where they were. WOW, I surprised myself.

There was a time in my life when I really felt I had no need for the people from high school. But I do. I sure hope I am not the same person I was then. They aren't. I enjoyed it the time went by so quickly.

We just could not get in 21 years in such a short time. These are women I definitely want in my life. I think they would enrich the mixture that is me. Who can I add to the mix next?

Friday, January 16, 2009

What to say update

It is freakin cold. When I went to lunch at Noon it wa 20. The High for today was suppossed to be 25 I don't think it is gonna make it. Can you say wholey shit batman that is cold. The low tonight 13. Makes me wish I hjad someone to snuggle with.

That plane landed right on the river. That rocks.

I am going to Mardi Gras in Mobile. Deatials to come.

I am going to Iowa for the Porn and Corn II Tour. OK really there is a haunted Ax murder house there. more on that to or is too or also. Confused yet?

My laptop has mother board issues the little plugy thing wont stay pluged into the mother board to hold a charge. Did I tell you this?

All my pics are stuck on my lap top and I can't download new with going to Walmart and getting a virus. Who would have thought you could get sick at Walmart.

I have on rag wool socks.

Oh yea one more thing that jacket is not a winter white and even I wont wear something like that before Easter.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Conversation Interuptius

After my last blog post I received an anonymous comment with a link That link is to a story about an Author and Spiritual Leader Neale Donald Walsch whose books I have read and ideas I have to a certain extent embraced. He has groups that meet allover the country to read and discuss his books and ideas. He holds expensive seminars around the country. Neale has written his books based on his Conversations with God thus the title of the book.

I was part of a local discussion group here in Nashville and the group took a turn in leadership I decided I did not want to follow and I left. But I also deeply felt my time in the group had run its course.

OK back to point as I again am rambling sorry but it is one of my lovable qualities right?
Neale had told a story and claimed it as his own. It was not his story but he said it was. It was in fact a story that had been copyrighted by someone else. Oopps.

I was not devastated but I have spent time thinking about how someone could take a story and so deeply internalize it that he thought of it as his own.
Then I look at say my family. I have told a story about my Mother back handing me at the dinner table and her dinner ring busting my lip open. My Mother will say "I never back handed you. You are just making stuff up!" In my mind the abuse happened in my mothers she only lightly swatted me now and again. Who should one believe? We each have our on account of events they are both vastly different.

I think it is very unfortunate that Mr.Walsch took a story that was not his and made it his own. Perhalps I should be scorned for telling people my Mother used to knock the snot out of me. Either way someone is making shit up.

Humans are not perfect. Are there still people out there that do shit that totally blows my mind? Yep. I am still shocked things people do. But this not so much.

I also always thought paying large sums of money to hear him speak was rather cultish

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Little DANCE

I have a follower!! Can you believe that? I was so down and depressed you know the whole no one likes everyone hates me. NO ONE reads my blog. It has been quite horrid but now I have proof that there is one person out there that reads my blog. Of course later she might want a kidney.

Speaking of following I followed the traffic this morning through the drive thru at Hardies and did not get what I ordered I can feel the grease coming out of my pours and I did even really enjoy my sausage ham cheese biscuit. The decaf coffee was ok and their coffee sucks bricks.

I have however managed to get Wedensday afternoon off and Thursday I am going to Chattanooga for girls night!! I have not been in since the summer so this will be a nice trip. I am really looking forward to it. That is two reason to dance. Lets see by the end of the day how many more reasons I have to shake my groove thang.

Monday, January 05, 2009

This is so me

So a few weeks ago I went to Sonic got me a Chilli Cheese Dog , Large Onion Ring and a Chocolate Shake and came home to watch tv. People laugh when I say I am being watched but I swear to you there is someone in my home. So when I go all totally BAT SHIT CRAZY you'll know to check the comics

But I did ask a few people if I should feel gulity eatting that and watching the Biggest Loser.