Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Little DANCE

I have a follower!! Can you believe that? I was so down and depressed you know the whole no one likes everyone hates me. NO ONE reads my blog. It has been quite horrid but now I have proof that there is one person out there that reads my blog. Of course later she might want a kidney.

Speaking of following I followed the traffic this morning through the drive thru at Hardies and did not get what I ordered I can feel the grease coming out of my pours and I did even really enjoy my sausage ham cheese biscuit. The decaf coffee was ok and their coffee sucks bricks.

I have however managed to get Wedensday afternoon off and Thursday I am going to Chattanooga for girls night!! I have not been in since the summer so this will be a nice trip. I am really looking forward to it. That is two reason to dance. Lets see by the end of the day how many more reasons I have to shake my groove thang.


Tess's Tree House said...

You have another follower. If she gets a kidney.. what do I get?


Anonymous said...