Thursday, September 21, 2006

Little Black Pant

OK so I just saw a commercial for GAP and they have Kathrin Hepburn dancing around in her little bohemian girl out fit , which in it self is a sin. But they then announce “it’s back the little black pant.” Well so is my fat ass. Even if my fat ass was not back I could not for the life of me get into the ‘little black pant’ they are for those waif thin girls with out hips which I have in abundance. Don’t get me wrong I love my hips. It’s those waif thin girls that I want to sit on and break in half.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Woman , her sister , and a River

Every Labor Day weekend for the last three years my sister, Libby, has taken me with her to an annual event. A group of college friends get together and take a day long 9 mile float down the Caney Fork River. Friends invite friends and the group grows. It is one of my favorite events and I look forward to it all year long not just because it falls on/around my birthday but because I love the outdoors and it is time with one of my all time favorite people, Libby.
I find the trip a great time to bond with Libby and to soak in the nature. We sleep in a tent in the back yard right on the edge by the river. For 2 days everyone eats, drinks, laughs, and talks. The hosts make everyone that walks through the door feel like they are old friends and welcome. This year as always Libby borrows tents from work. She was running late and just grabbed two tents, because she had invited friends, when she got to my house and pulled them out of her car to load into mine there were duck tape notes on each bag. Polls Damaged. It was funny to take two tents and make one. It was the funniest looking tent. The guys Libby had invited took the tent flies and made a little shelter using the kids swing set we dubbed it ghetto tent. But over all for having put them together in the dark we came off pretty good.
I love the area. The farms, woods, river it is such a peaceful place. So if anyone wants to buy a house on the river and invite me over I’ll come over and hang out.