Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Blame Game

I suppose at this point I could bitch about a whole slew of things in the world today or just in my world I have not blamed my problems and woes on any one in a long time. I used to take the time to hand pick someone and I would let them know that everything that went wrong on this day would be their fault. “Jon, today what ever goes wrong is your fault.” This also means I have to give him praise for what goes right. Tomorrow I’ll blame Robert and then I will take Friday. Just kidding. OK not really when I was a supervisor I found it as a way to joke with the staff and get their attention. You blame them for the stuff that happened while they were not there. But my plan when I sat down here was to do a rant about The President, The Government and how completely moronic they are Jon , nor Robert deserve that kind of blame they are after all a great guys. I would have to name names of people on my shit list, the ones that you do that old Southern grin and nod thing too. This however poses a problem they have not ticked me off to the point that I am going to tell them to Kiss the Little Red Devil Tattooed on my Lilly white @$$. Or I still have to maintain a civil relationship with em.
I have been working on being more peaceful relax, release, rejuvenate. In fact I was so peaceful earlier this week that I actually dropped a “Hello” to the Freak. Talk about release!!! Rather a big step for me. OK when I said hello it was to find out why his Miami Hurricanes started a brawl. But I was polite doesn’t that count for something?

Well I was going to do some rant on North Korea and why if they are a threat to us are we closing NORAD. But I am spent.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Lesson

The death of five girls and the shooting of 5 others in an Amish School house by a man who was clearly out of his ever loving mind has shaken the world. But, what I learned what I found in all this is strength. The Amish have not only said forgive Charles Carl Roberts IV they have shown it, To the WORLD. The same days as this man took the lives of their children this community went and sat and prayed with his wife, children, and parents. Now to top it off they went to his funeral. I don’t know if I could show that kind of faith, strength, courage, or forgiveness. Could you?
Though it is a place I would like to be in my life to give out that kind true forgiveness. I have a few lessons to learn a few people I have to forgive. I think the whole thing is a lesson to the world to forgive, to live a peaceful life.