Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Blame Game

I suppose at this point I could bitch about a whole slew of things in the world today or just in my world I have not blamed my problems and woes on any one in a long time. I used to take the time to hand pick someone and I would let them know that everything that went wrong on this day would be their fault. “Jon, today what ever goes wrong is your fault.” This also means I have to give him praise for what goes right. Tomorrow I’ll blame Robert and then I will take Friday. Just kidding. OK not really when I was a supervisor I found it as a way to joke with the staff and get their attention. You blame them for the stuff that happened while they were not there. But my plan when I sat down here was to do a rant about The President, The Government and how completely moronic they are Jon , nor Robert deserve that kind of blame they are after all a great guys. I would have to name names of people on my shit list, the ones that you do that old Southern grin and nod thing too. This however poses a problem they have not ticked me off to the point that I am going to tell them to Kiss the Little Red Devil Tattooed on my Lilly white @$$. Or I still have to maintain a civil relationship with em.
I have been working on being more peaceful relax, release, rejuvenate. In fact I was so peaceful earlier this week that I actually dropped a “Hello” to the Freak. Talk about release!!! Rather a big step for me. OK when I said hello it was to find out why his Miami Hurricanes started a brawl. But I was polite doesn’t that count for something?

Well I was going to do some rant on North Korea and why if they are a threat to us are we closing NORAD. But I am spent.

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