Sunday, August 31, 2008

In sequester

I came home one day last week came into my room and stayed. I have gone out to fix a plate and come back to my room. I have just felt the need for some time to myself. I get that way now and again just need my own space. Plus I do have a birthday coming up this week and I always like to reflect on how I have grown and what I would like to see for myself in the months to come.

If things go as planned right now I will have my car paid off before the end of the year. This will be a HUGE weight lifted off me. Then I can focus on my other debt. With that comes the question. Do I quit my second job and just pay off my debt as I can or do I keep the second job that I despise and get it done quicker. I have been saying for the last year or so that by the time it is cold again I wont be there, by the time the holidays roll around I wont be here, by the time I need to wear shorts again I wont be there so when I had to go out and buy new shorts this season it hurt. Now I am moving back into the cold again I am faced with do I stay or do I go? I can’t quit until my car is paid for then I am going to have to reevaluate what needs to be done. As much as I would love to walk away from the second job I do have some semblance of good sense and will probably keep it until I get stuff paid off. I do have draw backs the price of gas has gone up tremendously, people are not ordering pizza like they used to so getting tips does not happen much. Here lately it is nothing to work 3 hours and only make 5 or 6 deliveries. This is not good. But again once my car is paid off I will look at this again.

Then I have the baby thing it is still there I still want one. The desire to have children has not gone anywhere and it is still not something I am willing to negotiate with a man.

The man thing well when you work two jobs and are busy on Friday and Saturday nights dating is hard. Not that I have ever been a dater. I am more a sit at home on Friday night kinda gal. However I want the option to go out go places do things.

So I am looking forward to 38 I for the most part like where I have come from and what I have done with 37

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The R- Word

I want you all to take just a moment to look at this CUTE little video.

For those of you that don't know I work for and with people with Intellectual Disabilities. They are the lights in my life and bring me such pure joy. I don't even see the "disability". Each person is special they are active vibrant members of their community. They are Friends , Co-workers, roommates. They volunteer in the community, go to church, shop , and pay taxes. They are perceptive. They laugh , joke and play. They marry and have families. And they have FEELINGS.

They are not as some have said to stupid , dense, or intelligent to know what was going. Words hurt and they know this.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Letting Go

Sometimes we all cling to the silliest of things. I know I do. I still have tokens for River Bend in Chattanooga I have not lived in Chattanooga for 8 years now why do I need these things? I am a pack rat. So last night when the seat busted out of my all time FAVORITE pair of comfy pants. The ones I come home when I have had a crappy day and put on ,the ones when I feel bad I put on , sometimes they are my bitchy pants and any woman out there should know what I mean. So I thought twice about what I was going to do sow them up and stitch up the other holes in them or let them go. But I love em the big question is will I leave them there. Good Bye Comfy pants I will miss you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

This is the day that has No end

It is not even Noon yet in my little part of the world and I thought for sure I would be home by now. Because there is no way I could have been here this long and it not be close to three. But it is not close to three it is close to noon and has taken for freakin ever to get this late. After being in the office an hour I looked at the clock and could not believe it just nine!! I was sure that the clock on the wall in my office was dying so I keep check my watch and the clock on the computer but no this day is moving at a snails pace.
What did I do for a day like this enjoy my weekend? Which by the way was a blast. I got home from Domino's early enough to see most of the Teams enter for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. Of course I cried. Libby and I waited as the United States Of America entered we commented to each other that many of the other countries that were all Asian , Black , White , or this or that but when the USA entered it was a little of this and a little of that. One team is all male because women have no rights ( IT IS FINALLY FUCKING NOON!!!) But we have it all a beautiful mix of it all and I cried. I am such a sap.
Saturday was my Adsagsona Paranormal Group Meeting we are planning a trip in October to Mountain City, TN to check out a B&B there. Once we all had gotten a room we talked about the cost things are tight for us all. We might be going some place else but we are in a wait and see mode. Due to raising cost we also lost our meeting space and we are all taking turns hosting at our houses. This months had a pool. So we all got in. Sad to say but this was the first time I have been in a swim suit all summer.
I had gotten my hands on passes to Nashville Shores (Hermitage Landing). One of my friends GQ had his kids for summer so I went with GQ, his partner Jack and the three kids. This would make twice this year I was in a swim suit. TWO DAYS IN A ROW. We had such fun. I had not been at Nashville Shores since I was small. The slides were a blast. I will say with younger folk it works best to do one adult one child.
I have no excuse for my lack of posting I keep saying I'll do it but now I am doing it. So there.
I have some really really exciting stuff coming up and I most defiantly will be writing about that. There should be a great post tomorrow about shrimp.