Thursday, August 25, 2011

the shock would kill you then you would kill me

So earlier this week I posted a status on Facebook "believe me I don't say half the crap that comes to my mind." someone asked why and I stated I wanted to keep my friends. So she started a FB page so I could let lose. I think she is missing the point I say crap and there right next to your breath smells like dog doo is my cute little face.

The point of me not saying it is I have some sort of a filter all be it a very poor filter if you know me. I let things fly out of my mouth and someone will have to call my name and be like "really Fran did you just say that" I will be like Yep. When called on things I have said I have offered to repeat it to their face. But you just don't want to tell someone they are the same selfish bitch they were when they were 13. OK maybe you do but for now I would rather keep that tide bit of info to myself I mean really I already get myself in enough trouble as it is.

But still filter ,filter ,filter

Thursday, August 18, 2011


So last I wrote I was going to go to school and be a Nurse, an RN. Then after I made my decision and sent out my post, Utter panic sent in. I changed my mind, then I changed it back and now I want to vomit.

Like that time bought a home pregnancy test and peeing on that stick when your 19 ok ok not that bad. That was way worse. It does feel like the time I bought a car and drove off the lot and I all of a sudden thought WHAT IN THE HELL HAVE I DONE??? GET ME OUT OF THIS!

I can still get out of this. I haven't done anything yet. I can keep on living this mundane life without a degree of living pay check to pay check. Earning vacation and being to poor to leave town. Or I can do something more with my life.

I was in school once before and I got far and then flunked out then decided I didn't want to teach any more.(If I could throw myself on the floor or the Chase lounge in a dramatic Southern girl, I have the vapors way I would) Oh Rhett!

So do I pee on the stick or what? Or keep hopping I am going to get my M.R.S. YA OK I'll give up that ghost just like I had to give up that whole romance with C. Thomas Howell. Gawd I loved Pony Boy. Do you think I could still marry him? ok I 'll go to school.

But I am still in this full on panic is Nursing school the right idea? What if I am wrong? What if I am supposed to be a lawyer? Or Party Planner? Seriously I have thought about party planner. But the health insurance plan sucks.

Oh hell I don't know. Stay tuned next week I might want to be a firefighter.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You smell that buring....

.....It was me thinking. I had a very euphoric maybe an epiphany is a better word. Anyway it sort of took me by surprise. Like it was the first time I heard it but it wasn't. People have been saying it to me for years. "why don't you do nursing?"

And I have always been like no, that's not what I want to do.

"You should be a nurse" I don't like needles I would reply.

Then today I was with a client at the Doctor and the PA goes "you should be a nurse" And it hit me like YEAH A NURSE that's what I want to do when I grow up is be a nurse. Maybe kind of like walking into the kitchen and suddenly realizing that box you have been opening every day is a refrigerator. Well maybe not but how do you put that into words?

So I am going to look into Nursing School. RN . Have I lost my mind?

Saturday, August 06, 2011

big fat hairy DUH

So last year when I turned the big 4-0 I went sky diving and then bought myself this fancy little digital camera. One I can learn with and grow with adding lenses and a nicer flash, buy a tri-pod etc. It is supposed to do all these neat things. And I have been taking it out and snapping away with it.
But I had yet to figure out how to get it set to B&W. I had looked through the manual and I just couldn't see it. I had asked other people and no one knew. Every time I was near Wolf Camera. I either didn't have my camera with me or I was passing it on my way to someplace else and I had not scheduled time to stop.

So after nearly 11 months I did some digging. I asked my cousin Richard if he had any ideas about other things to look under. He suggested I go to the companys web site and see if I could find it there. And there on SONY'S web site is a spot for LIVE HELP. This is where I begin to feel stupid. I sent in my question and got Edgar who in a matter of 5 min while he did his research and about 6 lines between the two of us total. Managed to do what I couldn't figure out in 11 months. What pisses me off is that I didn't think to go to the companys web site on my own.

But no I know how to set it to shoot B&W