Thursday, August 18, 2011


So last I wrote I was going to go to school and be a Nurse, an RN. Then after I made my decision and sent out my post, Utter panic sent in. I changed my mind, then I changed it back and now I want to vomit.

Like that time bought a home pregnancy test and peeing on that stick when your 19 ok ok not that bad. That was way worse. It does feel like the time I bought a car and drove off the lot and I all of a sudden thought WHAT IN THE HELL HAVE I DONE??? GET ME OUT OF THIS!

I can still get out of this. I haven't done anything yet. I can keep on living this mundane life without a degree of living pay check to pay check. Earning vacation and being to poor to leave town. Or I can do something more with my life.

I was in school once before and I got far and then flunked out then decided I didn't want to teach any more.(If I could throw myself on the floor or the Chase lounge in a dramatic Southern girl, I have the vapors way I would) Oh Rhett!

So do I pee on the stick or what? Or keep hopping I am going to get my M.R.S. YA OK I'll give up that ghost just like I had to give up that whole romance with C. Thomas Howell. Gawd I loved Pony Boy. Do you think I could still marry him? ok I 'll go to school.

But I am still in this full on panic is Nursing school the right idea? What if I am wrong? What if I am supposed to be a lawyer? Or Party Planner? Seriously I have thought about party planner. But the health insurance plan sucks.

Oh hell I don't know. Stay tuned next week I might want to be a firefighter.

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