Thursday, August 25, 2011

the shock would kill you then you would kill me

So earlier this week I posted a status on Facebook "believe me I don't say half the crap that comes to my mind." someone asked why and I stated I wanted to keep my friends. So she started a FB page so I could let lose. I think she is missing the point I say crap and there right next to your breath smells like dog doo is my cute little face.

The point of me not saying it is I have some sort of a filter all be it a very poor filter if you know me. I let things fly out of my mouth and someone will have to call my name and be like "really Fran did you just say that" I will be like Yep. When called on things I have said I have offered to repeat it to their face. But you just don't want to tell someone they are the same selfish bitch they were when they were 13. OK maybe you do but for now I would rather keep that tide bit of info to myself I mean really I already get myself in enough trouble as it is.

But still filter ,filter ,filter

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