Monday, September 12, 2011

down with it

After a stern talking to by my doctor about getting my blood pressure down or else back in June. I called my doctor today and made an appointment to go in and get some meds. I don't even have the energy to exercise I am having head aches on a weekly basis because my BP is so high and I frankly don't want to have a stroke. I have to be around to tell AJ stories about her mother and I and all our adventures.

I had a choice of either this Wednesday or October 10th because the company I work for requires a minimum of a two weeks notice for a day off. I could not go this week. So if I do stroke out before then sue them. I could have called in sick on Wednesday but damn my mother and her ethics. Why did she have to teach me to be all moral and crap.

So I am going to get meds then get busy well I will get busy on the days I am not feeling like death on a stick.

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