Monday, January 12, 2009

Conversation Interuptius

After my last blog post I received an anonymous comment with a link That link is to a story about an Author and Spiritual Leader Neale Donald Walsch whose books I have read and ideas I have to a certain extent embraced. He has groups that meet allover the country to read and discuss his books and ideas. He holds expensive seminars around the country. Neale has written his books based on his Conversations with God thus the title of the book.

I was part of a local discussion group here in Nashville and the group took a turn in leadership I decided I did not want to follow and I left. But I also deeply felt my time in the group had run its course.

OK back to point as I again am rambling sorry but it is one of my lovable qualities right?
Neale had told a story and claimed it as his own. It was not his story but he said it was. It was in fact a story that had been copyrighted by someone else. Oopps.

I was not devastated but I have spent time thinking about how someone could take a story and so deeply internalize it that he thought of it as his own.
Then I look at say my family. I have told a story about my Mother back handing me at the dinner table and her dinner ring busting my lip open. My Mother will say "I never back handed you. You are just making stuff up!" In my mind the abuse happened in my mothers she only lightly swatted me now and again. Who should one believe? We each have our on account of events they are both vastly different.

I think it is very unfortunate that Mr.Walsch took a story that was not his and made it his own. Perhalps I should be scorned for telling people my Mother used to knock the snot out of me. Either way someone is making shit up.

Humans are not perfect. Are there still people out there that do shit that totally blows my mind? Yep. I am still shocked things people do. But this not so much.

I also always thought paying large sums of money to hear him speak was rather cultish

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