Friday, March 06, 2009

Self vs. Higher Self

I was there. I was caught up I was saying to myself.

Self: you are all caught up you could quit that second job and just relax until everything comes through you'll be OK.

Higher Self: look here you should wait till the money is in the bank. You know that is the smart thing to do. You know that as soon as you think you're in the clear something happens.

Self: Well of course it is the smart thing to do. And of course something happens it always does. It is like coming home from school early and having sex in your parents bed only for them to pull in the drive way. ( Higher Self rolling eyes) < lots of whinning here > But I want to quit my other job. < stomping feet>

Higher Self: Look here it is really not going to be that much longer. Stop whining. Your friends are really sick of hearing you whine about it. Besides something has happened

Self: How the Hell can they be sick of hearing me whine when I have no friends left because I am always working. What do you mean something has happened? Did I get my check from the IRS?

Higher Self: Yes you got it.

Self: Yes I need that for.....(checking account) wait a freakin minute Well thanks a lot!! You are supposed to cheer me up.

Higher Self: I was trying.

Self: UGH!!

Higher Self: Still you got that good news you have those contracts and have signed them and turned them in so its a matter of time

I can't win.


America's Next Top Mommy said...

Just think how much we could accomplish if we could just make the voices go away! :-)

stephlys said...

What was wrong with the IRS check?