Monday, March 09, 2009

America's Manliest City

I live in America's Manliest City Nashville, TN. It means that we have lots of Hardware Stores and Truck Rallies and men who hunt. I have dated some of these men and I don't want them. They are pigs. Someone over at Asylum is all pissy because New York didn't get the title and is whinning how country music is not manly well hell dumb ass why don't you bring your little prissy ass down here and shot and clean a deer. Not that I want to do that myself I will just eat it.But yea come on come kill your dinner.

It seems that all the cities that came in behind Nashville are a little miffed too. Because we have men that fart and scratch their balls in public. I know the idea of having more monster truck rallies has me wanting to run down there and catch me a husband because I love me some monster truck rallies just as much as I love Republicans and the whole truck rally thing is not something I have tried yet.

It was freakin COMBOS people now those I love. But the pizza ones not the cracker Cheddar ones. But I am off topic it was not like it was Budwiser that said it. Nor was it the ever manly makers shot gun shells. Not even Jack Daniels. It was a snack food and not a very popular one at that. But still all you loser cities can stick it.

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