Monday, March 02, 2009


Here is the bunny I promised you all. I know I said you all were going to get this happy bunny post but hell didn't any of you people see that happy bunny love story Fatal Attraction? But I swear this is not going to be that bad.

I have great news I got my lap top back what does this mean you ask. It means that I can post from my living room in front of the TV or better yet like I am now from my bed, because I can't sleep. It also means I can download pictures and I can add pics to my facebook page. I know this is the news you have been waiting to hear from me. Now you are saying WOW my days will be so much better now that The Goddess has her lap top back.

There are many other pluses to this. I can work from home a few days a month. Or better yet a nice local coffee house. I can travel to another city and do work there too. Mwahahaha

It is also going to much easier to plot world domination from my lap top. But it is just after 1 AM here and if I don't get some sleep I will be way behind schedule in world domination so I am going to need minions.


America's Next Top Mommy said...

Did you ever watch "Pinky And The Brain"? Because you would like it if you didn't. In each episode, Brain devised a brilliant plan to take over the world. It was hysterical!

Fran said...

I wait each day for someone to say to me "So what are we doing today?" So I can reply "same thing we do everyday Try and take over the world."