Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What did you read?

I saw this in a window of a closed shop while we were in Mobile, Al for Mardi Gras. When you first read the T-shirt what was your first thought? When you read “I Read Dead People.” Who did you think of or what? If I told you it was a book store mixed amongst a bunch of funky little shops then what would you think of it?

When I first saw this T-shirt I thought of my friend Donna who communicates with the dead. Thus “I read dead people.” It was my first thought, The metaphysical then paranormal.

Then later as I drove back to Nashville I am not sure if you would call it an AHHHH moment or a DUH moment I thought of Steph and her being an English Major and then said “I READ DEAD PEOPLE.” I felt like a dumb ass. The thoughts were you moron dead as in Tolstoy, Shakespeare. Literature! It was a BOOK STORE WITH BOOKS
I am such a dork.


America's Next Top Mommy said...

Sometimes I have those moments too. Yesterday I spent nearly a full minute trying to open my car door that JUST WOULDN'T OPEN until I realized I was trying to get into the WRONG CAR!!

Oh well :-)

stephlys said...

LOL. I got it immediately but that's bc I'm a geek!