Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Missing out

It seems here lately I have found out about a number of missed opportunities. My post college BFF died and she had been dead about a year before a learned of her passing. Then a few months ago I learned that my middle school crush had died in like 1996 WTF? I had been looking for him just to see how he was how was his family what he was up too.

It all has made me wonder what else am I missing out on? You know I wanted to sit down with middle school crush boy and tell him you know in middle school I had the biggest crush on you. So we could laugh about it

I am almost 40 I am far to young for this many people I know to be dead. I mean give me a break.

So I have missed out on good byes and missed out on telling people how I rally feel about them though there are those cases when those things are best kept to your self. I mean it is really necessary to tell my 5th grade teacher is one of the worst humans to walk the face of the earth and would it really make me feel better to tell her that? NO.

But I am thinking about the other people in my life the ones that mean something or the ones that really had a profound effect on my life. Do old lovers really want to know if you think of them fondly? Do their wives want you to tell them you think of them fondly? Does that boy you had a mad crush on in high school really care? Or that Gal pal that that you really thought a lot of.

Who would you look up and what would you tell them?

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