Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Down a knotch

My stress level has gone down just a tad. I stayed home today and slept. After having not slept for a few days I stayed home and napped on the sofa. I had to run to the office for a hot minute but then I was back home. And I slept napped most of the afternoon. Sleep does wonders to get rid of stress. At least my stress. So I am not as wiggy stressy as I was.

The guy I told to step up to the plate or get out of my life has made his choice. I am some what relived. We have been playing this game for years and I played along. I did enjoy the game. But I grew tried of it and he didn't want to admit it was a game. I told him if it wasn't a game then prove it. I knew how he would play it and I am glad it is over.

I have got a lot of figuring to do. The main ones have to with why I am so bat shit stressed why I feel so on edge and why I can't figure out what I need to turn it all around. It all came on rather suddenly. Not that I have been unstressed but something all at once went STRESS.

Quite possibly it was not all at once but the million tiny things that have been going on life, work, roommate, yard sale, bills, break-in, to gun or not to gun, and on and on it goes.

Someone give me some good news and if it is I just spent a few days in Paris. I am going to tell you to suck it.

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