Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Half Way

So we are half-way through 2009 can you believe it? So I thought I would regale you with where I am on all the things I said I would do by the end of the year. Really it is more for my own benefit but I am dragging you along for the ride. This is your last chance to exit the ride before we continue

Six months ago I was in a blue funk and moving through a long depression and a friend had blogged on “100 things that bring me joy” 55. Fran’s fantastic attitude toward life. I have really made huge steps toward finding her again. I am doing much better than I was. YAY me.

The old car is paid off. I own it. I am not out of debt still have a lot to do but well I am getting there.

I am working one job in case you missed that post. I still have issues about work but can’t and wont go into that here. I have to make some choices still and the economy is not looking good but then this is the half way post.

The garage has been cleaned out and after this weekends yard sale I will be able to get my car in there. So I am knocking out my home to-do list one item at a time. Come on over and buy my junk. Ok it is not just my junk it is from the members of my paranormal group we are having a yard sale to fix up our web page / buy an inferred camera.

I have not gotten better at eating healthy, writing in my personal journal, recording my dreams and I don’t still don’t know how to insert links. I know I did promise that I would be able to do it by the end of the year but I still have 6 more months.

There is more but I am tired. I am doing really well for half way through the year. How are you doing on your goals?

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