Sunday, June 07, 2009

I should be

If my email in box is any indication I should be rich and have a hot man by now. The number of those send me $150.00 as a transaction/ shipping and handling fee and I can get you the money that has been bequest to you by my extremely rich client. I get two or three a day. Since I have not responded I get them writing me back. We have not heard from you and if you do not respond with the utmost urgency your bequest will have to go to the next person on the list. YA OK I'll get on that and get you my bank account info toot sweet.

Then of course there is the ever overflow of dating sites and groups. Meet Rich men , meet married men, meet women. So does the whole world think I am desperate? You would think with all that there would be men falling at my beautiful feet.

Did I forget to tell you about all the adds for jobs I mean I can be retrained and be a Lawyer, a Medical Transcriptions. My possibilities are endless. For a fee

So what I want to know is can I borrow $150 to get started then I can be all I should be.

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