Friday, June 12, 2009

They left the cheap vodka

Yesterday started out like well any other Thursday but when I arrived home and found the empty coffee can I keep my loose change in sitting on my bed I was like HUH? That's not right. The window in the kitchen door was on the kitchen floor I had been robbed. I called the police they said don't touch anything someone will be out. I called my roommate to say oh hey we have been robbed you may want to get home and see what's missing of yours. Called my sister who just said "Shut-up" TXT my buddy Anthony who said "I'll be by after work." And I sat and waited and waited talked to my neighbors to say hey be on the look out. It all and all is not so bad. They got maybe $150 in cash and it looks like a few cheap little earrings are missing. I will not be sure which ones until I put on the dress I wear the earrings with and then I'll be CRAP. My roomie lost some blank checks and they took my GD Mother Freakin RUM and my Mango Rum.Left the cheap Vodka and took my Rum.

The cops did come and they dusted for prints. Didn't get crap because well I am a lousy house keeper and well just so you know high gloss paint is your enemy when it comes to getting prints.

I am not so much afraid to be alone in the house as I am afraid to leave the house. I want to be here to keep my stuff safe. IT IS MY STUFF.

I am going to go ahead and bite the bullet and get a dog. I have been wanting a German Shepard for some time so once I get my car tuned up the next thing I buy will be a good dog.One that I can train to eat the next Mother Fucker that breaks into my house. That takes a lot of work and I have not done much research into Protection Training. I have to step it up a notch. I want to be totally and completely sure if I have a dog that has been protection trained I can handle him and the responsibility that comes with such a task. If not well I want a good obedience school. Well trained dog well trained owner Everyone is happy.

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