Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Well my tush is still soar. I do not plop down I sit down very easy. It does not hurt today as much as it in days past but if I sit wrong I feel it. I will finish the steroids in the morning and I am taking a lortab at night to sleep which is bringing on some out right freaky deaky dreams. I have yet to remember last nights dreams. I went to bed Monday night feeling very eurorphic and in a blissful happiness, and no it was not the drugs. But the dreams that night just were all out crazy and involve running for my life with blood , gore and sheer fear fueling the night but in this last one I was running with a Man and though we feared for our lives I felt safe because we were together, but who would not feel safe running with Viggo Mortenson. And No I have not seen any of his movies after LOTR. Of course my broken butt is reason to not excirsie wouldn't want to take any chances now would we?

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Robert said...

You always were a pain in the ass.