Sunday, January 29, 2006

I can fly , I can fly . I can fly

I just love those flying dreams like the one I had last night. Where I am walking along and I step down on one foot and launch myself into the air. I tend to fly like Mary Poppins which I think is out right cool. But this time I came in from out side with Chastity Bono leaving her outside it was windy. I stepped inside and stepped and I was flying ,through a furniture store filled mostly with sofas SINGING I can fly I can fly I can fly............When I stopped I came down on a sofa and rolled softly over into a glass top coffee table. There was a sales lady there asking me about my flying and how long I had been doing it and how I did it. But there was a storm brewing outside a large massive black cloud hanging low in the sky turning round and round the wind was blowing hard and I told her to get ready for the storm coming you need to find a place to be when it hits that's not out in the open I pointed to a small area with a yellow wall and told her to be there. I went on about storms and tornados and how you can tell one is coming by the walling and turning of the clouds. Like those. I finished what I was doing and left walking out into the storm and the wind to my car which was parked around 3 tricked out canary Yellow and Red Caddies with gold grills, rims , and accents.
Then ( still dreaming) my home phone rang and some one asked if such and so could come and fax something from my house I said sure. Then there was something about not having a fax they could use but I would love to see them anyway and when they pulled up outside I looked and it was Sara ( that crazy roommate) I was not letting her into my house.

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