Monday, November 14, 2005

Things will be just fine

I swear just when I think I have it all together BLAM I get knocked down again. I lost my job last week. I knew it was coming and I had so much else going on that I let things get behind and they caught up with me. I was not at all surprised and to tell the truth I was rather relieved that the whole thing was over. The day before I was let go my supervisor let me know how I should have been fired 4 years ago and why people let me think I was OK in what I was doing she had no idea that any other company would fire me with in weeks if I tried to do the same job. This after she looked me in the face and told me she had never ever told me I was not a capable person. I could write a nasty letter about her but one she is not worth it and two she is among this group of high up friends from an agency that went belly up that work for us and they are pushing out the noises makers to bring in their own and it has been extremely hard to work there for sometime. Now I just need to find a new job quickly. I have a friend with a staffing company and can pick up more hours with the Pizza Delivery , glad I kept that job after Hawaii. I am going tomorrow with another friend down to a State office to talk to people in the MRDD field and see what we need to do and the codes we should put in to get our applications processed faster. I am asking for prayers.
I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends your support and belief in me has meant the world and each and every one of you has help keep me going during the last few months you are the gold at the end of my rainbow. THANK YOU for all you do.

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