Friday, November 18, 2005

Half in the Saddle

Well I am up and heading off this morning to this part time job ,24 hours, a friend has for me. One of the Nurses from my previous job has a staffing agency and needs someone to do some administrative stuff around his office and some basic editing of his proposal to start his own facility for adults with developmental disabilities.
He has taken parts from other agency's Policy and procedures Manual and put them into his I get to go through and place in his agency name and the titles he will have for his employees. Later I will get into personal files and such. There is no one in the office but me and he said I could even work from home if I wanted to but I think the distraction here would be to great. But it is something to get me by. He did say that when things get off the ground and if I do well there could be a full time position for me however I am still looking for full time work with benefits.
Libby called last night and has taken a job at a camp in Missouri as a Program Coordinator and just in the nick of time as the YMCA has come to the decision to close the camp she is at now effective immediately. The area she is in is just beautiful but the Y in Knoxville is not willing to put the money it takes to a run the into and they would rather focus on the centers and programs in town. She starts her new job after Christmas and the Y is going to let her stay on the property till then. Well at least one of us has a job.

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stephlys said...

i believe that it will all be OK. Love you!