Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bucket List

So this new movie "The Bucket List" and the article in today’s paper have me thinking about my own personal Bucket List and all the things I want to do before I kick the bucket. In no particular order they are:

1. Get married 2.Have a babies 3. Sky dive 4. Make amends with an old college friend
5. Run a marathon 6. Get a passport and use it to travel the world. 7. Take a gourmet cooking class 8. Raft the Colorado 9. Visit the Opera House in Sydney 10. Visit the Louvre 11. See a baseball game in every major league park. 12. Attended a World Series Game (w/ the Braves in it would be a plus) 13. Snow ski 14. Own a fast car. 15. Hike the Appalachian Trail. 16. See a fall in Maine 17. Attended a Super Bowl
18. Take a writing course 19. Get my college degree 20. Take a wine tasting class.
21. Get the nerve up to go topples on a topless beach. 22. Learn to play poker.
23. Find the funny. 24. Use the Ball Gown that is in my closet just in case. 25. see an active volcano 26. Fire walk. 27. Scuba dive 28. Go to Six Flags. 29. Own a cabin in the mountains 30.Learn to sew. 31. Hike into the base of the Grand Canyon 32. Learn to Surf 33. Go to the fish market in Seattle and watch them throw fish 34. Get a dog (German Sheppard or Flat Coated Retriever) 35. Keep adding to my list.

I am sure if you all did your own list I will go oh yea cool I want to do that too.

Things I have already done:

1. Ridden a bull 2. Been to Hawaii 3. Made friends I will never forget.4.Seen the Grand Canyon 5. been in love 6. Own a home 7. Been to Washington D.C. 8. Been on a Cruise 9. Gone Deep Sea Fishing 10. Lived in the Mountains 11. Danced in the Rain 12. Laughed till I cried. 13. Rafted the Ocoee 14. Camped out under the open sky
15. Learned to Ice Skate. 16 .Had a job that I felt was my purpose 17. Seen the JGB.
18. Joined a book club. 19. remember what I have already done.

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