Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is only a test

The last two days have been nothing if not trying. It has been an emotional roller coaster. My father has been sick for some time. He has something called ITP and it all has to do with low platelet counts. He has been on steroids and then chemo to get this under control. Plus he has been weak and having dizzy spells for the last few weeks. He is also getting older and will be 75 this Sunday.
On Wednesday he was at work he got off the van and passed out. Falling forward onto his knees and then smacking his head on a car. After a minute he regained conciseness and they moved him into the break room and told him he was done for the day. He called my Mother to tell her and to let her know that he was going to have someone from work drive him home. She told him that he was going to have someone bring him to the Hospital. When he arrived his heart rate was in the
30s now he has always run low but not this low. Test were done and he was put in a room. He had many an EKG and the words Pace Maker were being tossed around.
Today he was given some kind of electro cath test first thing they wanted to be sure with this test. He went from this test right into surgery for placement of a pace maker.
I have been a little emotional. When my Mom called me at work Wednesday and told me what was happening she said he was fine and to wait to hear from her. I sat at my desk for an hour unable to focus and waiting for my boss to come in. I cried out of fear . Called and TXT some friends. And went to the hospital.
Daddy will be home tomorrow. My friends have been fabulous from calling to stopping by the hospital to check on me and my family. You guys are the best I love you all. I have felt all your love thank you for helping me through another test.

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