Sunday, January 06, 2008

Failur is not an option

I am thinking I can't get this whole marathon thing done. It involves way to much. I know why most people fail at their New Years Resolutions. Sleeping is so much easier. But getting ready to run this marathon involves so much. I have to admit to those who do not already know that I have started smoking again. I am not buying my own cigarettes but I ma bumming them from my friends who smoke and it is not just me smoking when when I drink which is not often. I am smoking whenever I hang out with the smokers. Except that one that smokes menthols and he is saying he is quiting. So not only do I need to quit for health and the marathon but I am going to quit to help encrouage him.
It is all in line with this live healthy thing in 2008. Get all the toxicity out of my life. Though I am not ready to give up my occasional drink nor my medium rare steak. But smoking, a few people , the drive thru. These are things I am going to clean out of my life oh and lets not for get shoulder pads.
I am not going to fail at this I am just having doubts. What are your doubts?

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