Friday, February 01, 2008

All Cracked up

Well Brit-Brit has finally been committed. The court has seen fit to give her family a temporary conservator ship over her and her estate. This is wonderful news as we have been witness to her downward spiral. She will be able to get the help she so desperately needs and hopefully then be a mother to her to beautiful boys.
Britney is not the first star to have a public melt down and have her mental illness splashed across the headlines. The list is a long one and each of them including Ms. Spears is lucky to have family and a bank account with the resources to get the help she needs.
What all this notice on Ms. Spears and other high profile celebrities fails to highlight are the millions of people and their families that live with mental illness on a daily basis. Most families do not have the team of therapist available to them that the Spears family has been so fortunate to have. Nor do they have lawyers that can help arrange an involuntary commitment or temporary conservator ship.
Where our focus needs to be is on the millions of families who desperately need the kind of help that Britney is receiving. These people have no idea who they can call or how in the world they will pay for the medications let only the help that is required to help a family member who has taken the kind of downward spiral that Britney has done so publicly. The recent case in Washington D.C. where a mentally ill mother killed her four young children it is then that the system stands up and takes notice. So let’s take the attention of bubble gum pop and focus on the millions lost in the system of hopelessness.
I don’t claim to have an answer to this issue. But this is the issue I am on today.

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