Monday, February 25, 2008

Someone Else’s Shoes

Although these flip-flops have been in vogue for a few seasons they weren’t when I got them. They remind of an action from myself that I am not proud of and of a person I am not proud to be. I wasn’t getting my way and I pitched a total fit. Another person was acting in kindness and was trying very hard to do something nice to make me happy and I would not have it, because they were not what I wanted. I was ugly and disrespectful to this person because the store did not have the sandals I wanted. Mine had broken while we were on vacation. And these were the best we could do. I acted childishly.
When asked what is your biggest flaw, your worse quality this is it, Acting like a brat.
Every time I slide my feet into them now I remember that day and how acted. I think about how I could have acted differently. How that is a person I don’t want be. It often feels as if they are someone else’s shoes because that is a person I want to leave behind. She is still there but when I put them on I remember these are shoes of someone I’d rather never be again.


Anonymous said...

You really need to take it easy on yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fern I have done the same thing at times, and most times I realize as I walk away and turn
around and try to make good of my rude behavior by apologizing.