Friday, March 17, 2006


Well I am in a really pissy mood this evening. I was when I walked into the pizza gig and I left the pizza gig early because I just was not feeling it. I was going to rip my stupid bosses head off. I had an address that was not complete with only a letter “c” for a last name because he is to lazy to get a last name and then to verify the address and get it correct so I deliver a pizza to the right people in a timely fashion and Say “good evening Ms. Jones how are you?” But no he is a a a a grrrrrrrrrr.
So I am just not having it and I live alone so there is no one to come home and start a fight with over something stupid and lame like the way they eat pop corn. I want to be left the hell alone but I don’t want to be because I wana start something. Because I want to be left alone and not bothered but I don’t. I have not been this way in a long time. Put em! Put em up!

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