Monday, March 13, 2006

Chill in the Air

Well the weather in Nashville has been just gorgeous the last few days. I wore shorts , once I dug a pair that fit out of the attic , out Sunday it was near 80 degrees. It was beautiful. I went to lunch someplace with out door seating just so I could read my book and enjoy the out doors. Today it is nice outside also and we are expecting some storms later today. I should make it if I don't freeze to death first. I work in a small office the heat and air controls are in the office upstairs from where I am and I do not have access to them and those fools have their air on. It is only 73 out there and I am about to freeze to death. It is bad enough that we are in the basment so it stays cool here. But Jon's Pigunies are going to following me to work and making them selves at home here with me. I might as well start dressing in black and white so I CAN FIT IN!! I just need feathers. I do have a small heater here so I will not die or anything so dramitc but why can't I make out like I will. I hate the cold! Though this does not help me having a love for the mountains. Sigh what to do?

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