Friday, March 24, 2006

Spell Check has made me a complete idiot. Not that I was the best speller in the world before hand. But now that I am working at a desk and a computer all day long I have gotten even worse than I was before not really caring or putting a lot of effort into getting stuff right because that little red line appears under the word to let me know that I have once again misspelled a word.
That though is not my biggest problem I am not good at 1 knowing that I have misspelled a word it is more I misuse the word. Here lately my biggest problem his been in talking about what our Mangers are going to need to be doing. Well now the problem is that Mangers is a word though not the one I want and it is not even close I am meaning Managers. You can’t even look at those and figure out what I mean. Unlike since, scenes all those I miss use those and most people get the general idea. But again often my spelling is so poor that spell check can’t even figure out what I want to spell and I end up playing with all the letters in different orders and using different vowels until I know it is the word I want. Like my dictionary is a lot of help do you know how hard it is to look up a word that you can’t feakin spell? It is both good and bad, black and white, yen and yang . But I am not any better a speller better typist yes.

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robert said...

Phukc spel chec.

Hoo nieds itt?