Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well here we are again and I am wondering what to write, what to tell. I know I should write more often if only because I check the blogs of my friends on a daily basis, generally, and I get aggravated at the fact they go weeks and don’t update their blogs I am sure because they have much better things to do. I don’t get to jet set across the country nor do I work with people who would be interesting topics of conversation. I am alone in the office 95% of the time. I answer the phone when it rings 4 times a day and I type. Fun.
But here it is I had tuna salad with ROSEMARY TRISKITS and a pear for lunch. Last night I headed home and stopped and bought me a nice bottle of wine, went home, my friend Greg called to tell me how sorry he was that he did not mail me the CD he did that he swore he would mail on Monday and did not. The salmon I bought had gone bad, but I drank a glass of wine anyway had my broccoli salad, rice, and I cooked some of theose frozen breaded shrimp. It worked. Carl and Abe dropped by with their 5 dogs because their house was being shown and they needed to get out. They looked at paint chips for a wall in my house that I want to paint then left. I went to my conversations group and found myself with my head in my lap laughing. In the group we set up intentions for the week and mine is to be more open to my mother because she is trying. I came home went to bed and fell asleep with the TV on. Next week my intention is to use better punctuation. ( OK not really but it will make Ron happy.)

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