Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lost my direction

I am so far off base right now. More on a dietary way than anything else. I have in the last few years managed to quit smoking April 9, 2000 and all but eliminate caffeine from my diet Thanksgiving 2004, having a drink with it in there about once a week. But I can not seem to get on track to not eating junk food. For a long time there I was doing extremely well but it has all gone by the way side. I have become a drive through queen pulling into the drive thro over 4 times a week most weeks which is not good. I am wasting money and gaining weight. Round is going to become my shape and I just can't seem to focus on eating right. I know how to do it I have done it. I just have so much less time in the morning than I used to. A few years ago an hour and a half was more than enough time to shower, drink coffee( now tea) , check my e-mail , and then pack a lunch for work. Today it just does not happen I am fighting no one for shower time but the time just slips by and I am running out the door. I have this addiction to chips- potato, corn , French onion, Bar-b-que, jalapeno, oh and add a good salsa and I am done for a basket of chips will be gone. I have lost my self control. I used to eat a cup and a half of fruit for breakfast every morning !!! What is going on. I buy fruit and veggies and they rot in my fridge I have every intention in the world of eating them and then I don't. What is the deal what's is my problem? How can I refocus ?

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