Monday, July 13, 2009


I am in search of a buddy, a pal , a friend to go with me on this cruise planned for Oct. 31 - Nov 5th. It was supposed to be a Paranormal cruise and that all fell through. Everyone else has pulled out and I still want to go. Who will go with me? I am trying to find someone to share my cabin space with. Any ideas?
I have really been looking forward to going and this was set up in my mind as my big get-a-way. The long planned retreat to relaxation land. Sitting by the pool drinking Cosmos , soaking up sun and waiting for the Deck Boy to make me feel like he never flirts with any other women the way he is flirting with me. To be away from my cell phone and to leave my Internet behind. Schedule a massage and then pad back to a deck chair where I can fall asleep amid the sounds of the Gulf. Stroll around Cozumel and buy trinkets I just don't need. Check out the midnight seafood buffet then enjoy a glass of wine while the moon lays across the water and nice talk about everything and nothing. And plain old girl time

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