Saturday, May 30, 2009

What's New

I really can't say that I have anything new to report. I just didn't want you all to think I had fallen off the edge of the earth. So here its

My friend Carl moved in with me today. His six year relationship with his partner Abe has officially come to an end. I was in their Wedding. And yes I call it a wedding. He brought his Momma with him. Though she is in a box in the curio cabinet and I must say it is a nice box and I don't know that I would have been able to look at it and say "oh nice urn". The only real dead give away is her name and life dates on the top. So stop on in and say hello.

I also got a hair cut with bangs. I know hard to believe huh. I promised my facebook peeps a picture of it and as soon as I bully Carl into taking one I will post it here for you to see. My hair was in horrible shape because I had not had it cut in almost a year so I had to have a lot of damage cut out.

I got my passport Tuesday and I am now ready to see the world. That leaves my list of things to do before I am 40 a little smaller. I still need to knock off Sky diving and going back to college. I am working hard on paying off my debt. Who would like to come and jump out of a plane with me?

There might be a guy and then there might not be a guy. It's not that big a deal and I am not even sure it is not a game. Though I am enjoying it what ever it is. I don't want to get my hopes up to be let down and well like I said.

Did I tell you all I have been trying to find the rest of my Senior Class so I could put together a little 20 year reunion. Just in case they try and google their names or you know them I am looking for: Tim Collins; Chris Dixon; Brain Edwards; Justin Ely; Robbie Foster; Brian Greer; Scott Johnston; Shannon Watson; and Nev Wilkins the surviving 1989 Senior Class of Benton Hall High School. There are a few other folk out there I woiuld not mind touching base with but I'll get to them later.

That's all that's new I think. What's new with you?


Anonymous said...

Come to Germany with me this fall :-)

stephlys said...

I can't see any sense in jumping out of a perfectly good airplane :)

Fran said...

Sorry Nut but I am going on a cruise this fall. October can not get here soon Enough.

Steph so is that a no. I will not jump out of a plane with you?