Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am so ready for Friday. There is something out there I can do Friday Night a Haunted Pub Crawl. But, I think I might be at the I don't want to around people point. The point where someone breathing makes you insane.
So I can go to the pub crawl and be around people. Which could go either way. OR I could pick up a 6pack or mix a drink and make plans to stop at the Taco Stand that is a little dirty but OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I have been debating back and forth about weather or not to talk about my Dad. How sick he has been the last 10 months. How weak he has been. The diagnoses keep changing so it is hard to know what to tell and what not tell. It might not be that the diagnoses keep changing it could be the Doctors are saying it looks like Elmoits. We need to run more test. Then my Mother will email me- your Dad has Elmoits he is going to turn in to a red Muppett. I am left going what? A muppett. Couldn't it be related to Kermitness or The Pigg foot which they have aready said he has they are all Muppett things. Mother says NO and sobs. And now well my Dad does not have Elmoits becasue the blood test came back. My mother is freaking out and trying to act like she is not freaking out but she is on the edge. And my Dad feels like shit.

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