Saturday, May 02, 2009

Double Take

So I am watching a this dorky movie with Kevin Smith and every time I see Kevin Smith I think of this guy I dated that looks like Kevin Smith. I mean double take looks like Kevin Smith. And it got me thinking of all the other guys I dated who look like famous people. And not that well if I had to pick a famous person I would pick ...

I also dated a guy that looked like Weired Al. No Seriously it was freaky minus the curly hair. So was the sex , freaky not curly, but that is another blog.

There was the guy that thought he looked like Tom Cruise but he was only dreaming he looked like Rob Scheider and he would get really pissed when I would tell him that. That might be because I told him he looked like Rob Scheider in Hot Chick which was funny on more levels than most of you know.

My sister looks like Blossom
And I look like Fern : )

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