Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon & Kate My Take

I have to admit to being an avid follower of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Those children are adorable. I have been thinking and wondering if I wanted to say something.

I know that the show is edited to show things in the light TLC wants to play things in. This is the way it has played for me.

Kate is a bitch. That is how she is edited. As a controlling, my way or the highway bitch. She demoralize her husband calling into question his manhood and his ability to parent over shoes. Shoes people. She goes on tantrums long rants over her husband not using a coupon at Home Depot. She yells , she screams, and she hits. If she were a man people would YELL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. She blows it off as being cute and a love pat. Well honey let some man love pat one of your girls that way. It is not cute it is not funny it is VIOLENCE. Stop means stop. If you can stop hitting your husband when he ask what lesson does that teach your children?
She loves her children there is no doubt about it. There is no doubt that you have to be well organized to keep a household with that many kids running. But you don't not have to make an attack on someones dignity to make a point.

Jon is a down beaten man who is plain and simple acting out. Everything he does is controlled by his wife. At the end of last season he clearly did not want to keep going he clearly wanted "Their Life" Back. And Kate clearly doesn't give a flying rats ass what Jon wants.

As much as I love the show. As cute as I think the kids are. They both need to stop and listen to each other. Respect how though someone may do something different it does not make it wrong. I hope nothing but the best for the family. I hope that Jon and Kate can learn to value and respect each other as people

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