Friday, May 09, 2008


This weeks SPF from over at Random and Odd was Your IPOD.

I am part of Kristine's No pod club. This is the boom box that sits on the extra desk in my office. I turn on the radio every day and listen all day to JACK FM , There is no DJ and songs don't repeat every four hours. But if you all want to get me or Kristine an I-pod or what ever it is.

Did you play?


Tutu said...

sounds like a great radio station from the old days--hate modern radio with more commercials and talking than music
I played too

suzan said...

Like tutu, I hate modern radio too. That's why we all have MP3s.

I played.

Liza said...

sometimes i love the radio more than cds or an ipod :)

i played!

Christie said...

Happy spf!

I played (kinda...)

vixen said...

I love JackFM!!!

Happy SPF.

christina ina said...

We have a Jack FM in my area, but I don't know if there are DJs or not. I just know they play pretty much everything from old to new and different genres.
I played.

barnmouse said...

When I got an ipod, I missed having a boom box so much, I got one of those things you can put your ipod into and play music out of speakers like a boom box! Now I use that all the time! (except at the gym...they might not like that too much)

Connie said...

I don't listen to my little music player. I find it a pain to put the music on it. Plus you have to buy music online for it and I don't. I like listening to music for free. I played too.

~Easy said...

To paraphrase Frank Zappa- Radio is not ded. It just smells funny.