Friday, May 02, 2008


Well Kristine over at Random and Odd has given us a pretty cool assignment for this week SONG . I love music I am just not good at remembering what the songs are called. So in some aspects you all are lucky you did not end up with a picture of a school bus and the song title “ Wheels on a Bus” Ooops I hope no one does that. Any way this is what I could get my head around while working two jobs and such.

Money - Pink Floyd

Did you Play?


suzan said... am I going to have that bus song playing in my head all day?

Clever SPF!

I played.

Anonymous said...

nice one :) happy SPF and i played, too.

Christie said...

Hehe, happy spf :)

Connie said...

I think wheels on the bus would have been cool. I love Pink Floyd, they are my favorite group. I even went to see them.
Great spf photo. I played too.

Random and Odd said...

I got this one too! I am on a roll. I saw the picture and started singing it!


Vajana said...

yep, that song is already stuck, immediately on seeing that picture.

happy SPF!

christina ina said...

I like the crumpled bills.
I played too.

Anonymous said...

I freakin' LOVE this song!
Now it's stuck in my head, thank you!

:] Happy SPF! I played!

Fantastagirl said...

I saw the pic and knew what it was! Great song, and pic!

~Easy said...

Damn. NOw I have that song in my head too!