Friday, May 09, 2008

Believe in me

Today is the day. I spent a year working on this project and another year waiting for the answer as it is all reviewed by the state. My boss and I have a meeting with the Executive Board of the Department of Mental Retardation Services this afternoon. I don’t think it would have gotten this far if it was not good and I am hoping this meeting is just a final interview. While waiting I have held off looking for a new job, I have worked a second job, I have not taken a vacation, and lets not get into my bills. Waiting on this thing to take off. Waiting on the State to approve us for being a Service Provider. Today is the day I find out if my Mother was right and I am wasting my time. I have other friends who have expressed the same concern but it annoys me more coming from my mom. So today I need all your good vibes, good thoughts, positive energy. I stuck with this because I believe in it and today I need more than me to believe.

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