Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stroke of Luck

Some how when roommates leave me I enviably lose things and gain things. Dishes, appliances, Sheets and towels have both been gained and lost but one of the oddest things I gained were two cats. Tiger and Spooky, Tony’s babies. When Carl, Abe and their 4 dogs came to live with me for a month the back yard was a petting zoo. The cats are not allowed in the house because when Toby was alive the three of them had a difficult time with the use of their litter boxes so the cats were cast out of the house where it would not matter where they peed. The dogs and cats fought it out and one day Spooky flat decided he had had enough of this mess and left. Carl and Abe and their brood left at the end of May. Spooky did not come back. I assumed he found a new home or had been in a car accident This morning as I was going about getting ready for the day there was the familiar cry in the kitchen window of “ hey you there feed me before you leave.” I was getting to it I swear I was. I always do before I bolt out the door. I always look out the window and tell Tiger “ I’M coming”. I was going to get dressed before I went out. But today when I looked out the window there were two cats in the window. Spooky WAS HOME!!! I tossed my freshly iron clothes on the sofa and ran out the door to welcome home the Prodigal Son. I quickly petted him and poured food into the bowl. As he screamed to be fed. Gave Tiger a pet too. He is no worse for wear. A little thinner than he was but he is back. I was told once that seeing a Blue Jay is good luck and last week I saw one on my deck. If this is as far as that luck goes I can take it.

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