Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Ape

I had this really freaky dream last night and woke up feeling as if I had been on a bender last night but I had only met a friend who was in town for a late dinner and had a glass of water but the dream itself must have been what wore me out. I was being chased by a giant ape, King Kong, I was running and scared. I woke up at some point and thought it was an Elephant and then in the back of my mind was this voice that said “ No. it wasn’t” and I really had to think on it as I was trying to go back to sleep and at the same time I was fighting it. Till I remembered it was an Ape. But I woke up tired, beat, with a head ache. I am not sure what it means. But 14 hours later I am still worn out, even though I had a two hour this after noon.

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