Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lord it's cold

Good gravy it is cold as the blue blazes out there. It is 18 degrees. Is that cold enough for you? It is way to cold for me and if I had only brought my work home with me last night I could be doing my work from home today. OK I would not be doing my work from home I would find something else around here to do other than work. I would be watching TV or cleaning so it is all the better that I go into the office. Yes, it is only 24 hours a week and only having one day a week that I have to be in the office I can set my own hours otherwise. I have tried to come up with a set I will be in the office on these days kind of thing and leave the rest for job hunting and what not. I could get really into this staying home and watching talk shows all day thing. But that is why I can't stay home.
I finally got my college transcripts in the mail so now I can really dig into looking for a full time job. I would really love to be able to leave Pizza Delivery behind me forever, we'll see. My Mother has suggested that I move back to Chattanooga and go back to school finish my degree there so I wont lose so many credits but I am not in the frame of mind for that right now it just seems so "not now" as opposed to "this is a good a time as any."
Today will be a hot liquid day I think I will go through several cups of tea today.

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stephlys said...

I think your feed stopped too. I was subscribed to your blog but didn't get these updates...

Anyway, going back to Nooga wouldn't be so terrible. I would move there again if I could get a good job there and I wasn't loving being in St Pete, which I am.

You could also do TSU instead. My sister went there for a year on minority scholarship.